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  • Photo Courtesy of AFP/AAC

  • Photo By: Cpl Pierre Habib © 2013 DND-MDN Canada

  • Photo By: Cpl Igor Loutsiouk © 2008 DND-MDN Canada

  • Photo By: Cpl Johanie Maheu © 2010 DND-MDN Canada

  • Photo By: MCpl Kevin Paul © 2007 DND-MDN Canada

  • Armed Forces Pensioners'/Annuitants' Association of Canada

    The Armed Forces Pensioners' / Annuitants' Association of Canada (AFP/AAC) was formed to promote and protect the rights and interests of Canadian Forces retirees and their survivors.

    We welcome all current and future Canadian Forces retirees and their spouses who qualify for a CAF Pension to join our Association as members. AFP/AAC is an incorporated, non-profit, non-partisan organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors.

    We are the only organization in Canada dedicated to protecting the rights of retired military personnel and also serve as an information resource on retirement issues, disability and survivor benefits and resources available to veterans. For more information, please contact us today.

    AFP/AAC is a proud member of the National Council of Veteran Associations in Canada and the Common Front for Retirement Security.

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