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Hidden Benefits for Veterans

Companies with Gratitude

Canada owes a giant debt to

those who offered their lives to pro-

tect our nation - a debt that can

never be repaid. Nonetheless, some

patriotic Canadian companies are

trying to say ‘thanks’ by offering

special deals for veterans. What

follows are some benefits and perks

of which many Veterans may not be


Travel &Accommodations

VIA Rail offers a “

25% dis-

count on best available fare

” to

qualifying DND members (CAF

members, Veteran, and civilian

DND personnel) and to family

members travelling with them.

There are a few restrictions, how-

ever; you must be travelling inside

of Canada, and it doesn’t include

their Prestige class or Discount

Tuesday Sleepers fares.

Veterans who sustained service

related injuries in Special Duty

Areas / Operations can apply for a

one-week stay in a Shell Vacations

Club lodging, through Vacations for

Vets. Eligible applicants can apply

every two years. The program cov-

ers all lodging costs, but partici-

pants are responsible for travel,

food, entertainment, and other fees.

The majority of hotel chains

have available discounts for gov-

ernment and military personnel, in-

cluding Veterans. These are

typically 10 or 15 percent discounts,

after presenting your CF ID. Be

sure to ask when you’re booking if

the hotel offers military discounts at

all times, or only when travelling on

official business.

Many commercial airlines, in-

cluding Air Canada, WestJet, and

Porter Airlines offer discounted

rates and waived baggage fees for

CAF members and veterans. Air

Canada and Porter waive fees for up

to three pieces of luggage, and

WestJet will waive all baggage fees.

Shopping & Services

Each Friday, all Canadian Tire

Gas Stations offer CF members and

Veterans a $0.03 per litre discount,

after you’ve presented your military


Many Canadian banks often

offer special deals on interest rates

and give special considerations to

CF members and Veterans. For ex-

ample, BMO offers exclusive mort-

gage rates, up to 60% discounted

banking fees, and special flexibility

options for active CF members.

TD Insurance offers AFP/AAC

members an additional discount on

their insurance premiums. See bership-benefits

for more informa-

tion on how you can save on your

vehicle and home insurance.

Everywhere You Go, Just Ask

For the most part, the benefits

of being a Canadian Veteran aren’t

advertised. Wherever you go, it

never hurts to ask. There are com-

panies out there that want to show

our heroes the appreciation they de-