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In the temporary absence of our

Chairman, Tony Huntley, I have the

pleasure of saying hello to our regular

members, and extending a very spe-

cial welcome to those of you who are

receiving or reading our Newsletter

for the first time.

For most of us who have lived

through many decades of luke-warm

support, at best, for our Canadian

Armed Forces members and our vet-

erans since not long after the Korean

War, it is indeed a pleasure to be wit-

nessing and feeling a genuine sense of

appreciation over the past several

years from both the Canadian public

and our federal government. Of

course, there is always a lengthy list

of demands for the federal govern-

ment to fix problems and add benefits,

for very good reasons.This remains

the case today. But, I am heartened by

the mandate given to the new Minister

of Veterans Affairs, the Honourable

Kent Hehr, and the very positive and

supporting attitude brought to this im-

portant ministry by the new Deputy

Minister, the recently retired Chief of

Defence Staff, General Walter


As an example of this new attitude

of support, I attended a workshop on

March 8-9, 2016 in Ottawa on “Devel-

oping Services for Veterans Experi-

encing Homelessness”.This workshop

was sponsored by Employment and

Social Development Canada in con-

junction with Veterans Affairs Canada.

It is refreshing to see that there is now

some serious attention being paid to

this very difficult problem that is very

closely related to the mental health is-

sues facing many of our veterans. We

are grateful for the work being done

by VETS Canada and other veterans

support groups across the country to

identify and encourage homeless vet-

erans to receive the support services

that are now being offered.

I thank you for your support of the

efforts being made by the AFP/AAC

on behalf of our veterans, and I hope

you enjoy this issue of your Newslet-


Dan O’Connor

National Vice-Chairman





Vice-Chairman’s Message

ISSUE 23 | 2016



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